Definitions for "Unconscious mind"
the level of consciousness that contains thoughts, feelings, and memories that influence us without our awareness and that we cannot become aware of at will. (229)
the unawakened aspects of mind in which karma is stored. It appears as the field of darkness outside the perceptual field of light and consciousness. It can be found behind the vehicles of the ensouling entity in each band of the mind. Another strata of the unconscious mind can be located in the unopened channels of the Nada. The unconscious mind contains the raw material that is transformed by spiritual techniques.
The subterranean level of the human mind, characterized by irrational urges (called by Freud the id) often denied or repressed by the conscious mind (the ego and superego). Freud's disciple C.G. Jung posited the existence of the "collective unconscious" shared by the human race in the aggregate, the primary source of archetypal symbols such as those found in the myths of the world. According to Joseph Campbell the hero's quest ultimately confronts him with images of the repressed unconscious, with which he must achieve atonement.