Definitions for "Mushin"
(without heart) Of renga, frivolous, that is, unconcerned with the classical ideal of beauty in appropriate subject matter and diction, but featuring humor and unconventional language. (Other meanings in other contexts.) See ushin.
(lit.: heart free from illusions) Short for mushin renga - "serious" renga devoid of jokes and humor (ant. - ushin).
No superfluous thought, no mental fabrication.
open mind, empty mind of calm attention
"No Mind." The state of being that allows freedom and flexibility to react and adapt to a given situation.
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Mushin is a character in the manga and anime series Inu Yasha. He is an elderly Buddhist monk (hōshi; 法師, ほうし) who became Miroku's guardian when the Kazaana (Wind Tunnel) consumed Miroku's father.
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Without emotion