Definitions for "Shi"
A Japanese word for paper.
Shi is a comic book created by William Tucci about a young woman of mixed Japanese and American ancestry who uses her skill in traditional Japanese martial arts to combat criminals and other evil-doers. The name "Shi" is also a Japanese word which means death (æ­»). Her signature weapon is a naginata.
Shi is a comic book character of Crusade Comics, created by William Tucci. "Shi" ("Death" in Japanese) is a young woman named Ana Ishikawa. Her father Shiro is a Japanese warrior and her mother Catherine is an American Catholic missionary.
Probably originally priests; transformed into corps of professional bureaucrats because of knowledge of writing during Zhou dynasty in China. (pp. 67, 101)
Shi (詩) is the Chinese word for "poetry" or "poem". It can be used as an umbrella term to mean Chinese poetry in any form, including ci and qu, but it is most commonly used to refer to the classical form of poetry which reached its zenith in the Tang Dynasty. To distinguish the classical form from the vers libre developed in the 20th century, the former is known as jiushi (舊詩 "old poetry", not to be confused with gushi 古詩) and the latter xinshi (新詩 "new poetry", not to be confused with jintishi 近體詩).
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Style. e.g. Hao Shi - (Tai Chi Chuan) in the style of Hao.
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ites Members of the heterodox sect of Islam, Shicism, who recognize cAli and his descendants as the rightful successors to the Prophet.
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adjective suffix; used to end a clause, it corresponds to an English predicate adjective, as in mine takashi, “the peak is high”.
Severely Hearing Impaired; hearing loss of 70-90 dB.some residual hearing.