Definitions for "Predicate"
Keywords:  boolean, functor, false, arity, true
a test, a condition, a function returning a Boolean result, e.g. `odd', `prime'.
A boolean (nil = false, non-nil = true) Lisp expression typically evaluated as part of a conditional expression.
A function or function object that when invoked returns a boolean (true/false) value or an integer value.
To assert to belong to something; to affirm (one thing of another); as, to predicate whiteness of snow.
To affirm something of another thing; to make an affirmation.
That which is affirmed or denied of the subject. In these propositions, "Paper is white," "Ink is not white," whiteness is the predicate affirmed of paper and denied of ink.
a condition placed on the data
a Unary Function whose result represents the truth or falsehood of some condition
Part of a search condition that sets the criteria for the search.
a statement of the form A(X), which means that X has the property A
a term capable of being combined with other terms to make a statement, a statement can then form the premise of an argument
(RA) Conditional statement used in the RA select operstion. queries.php
In SQL, a comparison operation that is used in a query.
an operator used inside of comparisons
WHERE condition in SQL.
Keywords:  triple, part, property
The property part of a triple.
Keywords:  loves, relationship
a relationship such as loves
a ''state'' if it presents an event as a static state of affairs, i
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See concept.
A symbol used to denote some property of objects or relation between objects.
Keywords:  marks, group
a group of marks
Keywords:  entity, piece, type, information
a piece of information about an entity type
Keywords:  procedure, another, term
A predicate is another term for a procedure.
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To found; to base.