Definitions for "auxiliary"
Keywords:  tense, verb, participle, ought, modal
A verb which helps to form the voices, modes, and tenses of other verbs; -- called, also, an auxiliary verb; as, have, be, may, can, do, must, shall, and will, in English; être and avoir, in French; avere and essere, in Italian; estar and haber, in Spanish.
a short verb prefixed to one of the principal parts of an other verb, to express some particular mode and time of the being, action, or passion
a verb joined to the root or participles of a principal verb to express time and manner with greater precision than can be done by the tenses and moods in their simple form
1. A supplementary power plant or engine used as secondary propulsion of a sailboat; 2. A small motor used to drive pumps or generators
Another name for the color guard, usually only heard at competitions.
An engine used as secondary propulsion in a sailboat
Keywords:  subsidiary, troops, war, allied, sing
Conferring aid or help; helping; aiding; assisting; subsidiary; as auxiliary troops.
Foreign troops in the service of a nation at war; (rarely in sing.), a member of the allied or subsidiary force.
A local unit of the Auxiliary to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. Generally followed by a number. { Return to Top of List
relating to something that is added but is not essential; "an ancillary pump"; "an adjuvant discipline to forms of mysticism"; "The mind and emotions are auxilliary to each other"
Additional fire fighting equipment or manpower that is not a part of the regular complement assigned to the fire service.
An additional person who gives help or support to the regular staff of an organisation like the army or air force
A quantity introduced for the purpose of simplifying or facilitating some operation, as in equations or trigonometrical formulæ.
a subordinate group, consisting largely of women, who organise the indoor exhibits
Additional; supplemental; acting in a subordinate manner.
an association for spouses of TMPA members
A secondary signal, a line level signal or an input or output from equipment that is a higher level than mic level signal but lower level than speaker level signal.
a duplicate of the original signal
deadline foundation minus security vary
something in addition to the main thing; supporting We will need some auxiliary lighting in here if we are to see properly auxiliary (n)
a backup transmitter used when the main transmitter needs to be turned off for work
Work State. A work state other than actively handling calls. As an example, agents may go into an auxiliary work state to process paperwork or emails. Agents will not receive calls while in auxiliary work state.
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auxiliary is a object-oriented framework in PHP designed to make it easier administrating one or more websites. It may be extended to complete stand-alone web based applications.
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cards laid aside in the course of play for building later.
Keywords:  serial, port, device, computer
A serial port on a computer or device.