Definitions for "Laid"
Laid paper has been applied with a linear pattern, using a patterned roll whilst the paper is still very wet. This technique is used to mimic the effect of hand made paper.
A watermark, giving a closely lined look in the finish.
Ribbed paper finish, closely resembling handmade paper.
Laid is the sixth release and fifth studio album by the British alternative rock band James. It was released on October 5, 1993.
"Laid" is the title song from Manchester rock band James' 1993 album "Laid". Emotionally evocative and featuring the risqué lyrics "she only cums when she's on top", it quickly gained popularity on American college radio and remains the group's best known song in that country. Because of the lyrics, the music video of the song replaced the infamous line with "she only sings when she's on top".
Keywords:  slang, intercourse, sexual
Slang for having had sexual intercourse.
of Lay.