Definitions for "Intercourse"
Same as sexual intercourse.
The Sexual joining together of two partners in the act of copulation
Penis in vagina or anus. ("People often use the word 'sex' when they refer to 'intercourse', such as, 'We made out for about 20 minutes and then we had sex.'")
If you were personally involved and you enjoyed the experience, it is an omen of a happy adjustments to your circumstances. If the dream involved watching others, and you found it unpleasant, you are likely repressing emotional problems. If you found it pleasant to watch, you will have contentment and success.
A commingling; intimate connection or dealings between persons or nations, as in common affairs and civilities, in correspondence or trade; communication; commerce; especially, interchange of thought and feeling; association; communion.
Incorrect use They give the word "intercourse" as the equivalent of the word "acquaintance" in some Russian dictionaries. It is a mistake that appeared with the change of the meaning of the word in the last decades, but keeps moving to future editions from older dictionaries.
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Another name for sex.
This act usually refers to vaginal sex, but it can also mean the act of anal sex as well.