Definitions for "masturbation"
The act of masturbating; sexual self-gratification; onanism.
Touching a person's sex organs for pleasure. This could be a male rubbing his penis or a female rubbing her clitoris because it feels good. People can do it alone or with another person. MASTURBATION is not harmful. It does not cause acne or blindness, make people crazy or cause any other awful things to happen. Almost all men and many women MASTURBATE at some point in their lives. Slang terms: beating off, whacking off, beating your meat, jacking off, jilling off, jerking off, bopping your baloney, yanking, diddling (usually for females), circle jerk, choking the chicken.
Manual or other nonpenetrative stimulation of oneself or a partner for sexual pleasure. Under some definitions, it may also include penetrative stimulation of oneself.
Performing bits which entertain other participants (or only oneself) but not patrons. (A variant term is used at another fair where they call it "actorbation").
orgasm not involving penetration of partner.