Definitions for "Pornography"
A treatise on prostitutes, or prostitution.
obscene pictures, writings, drawings, motion pictures, videos, or the like intended primarily to cause sexual arousal and having little or no artistic merit; also, the content of such materials.
Sexually oriented material that is not considered acceptable to the viewer; the same material when judged subjectively acceptable is often referred to as "erotica."
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This is probably Master Roshi's favorite hobby in the world, maybe even more than fighting. He spends countless hours of the day looking at it.
Pornography is the fourth studio album by British alternative rock band The Cure, originally released in 1982 and re-mastered and re-released in 2005. Recorded with the group on the brink of collapse, it represents the conclusion of the musical journey started with Seventeen Seconds and Faith.
Pornography is a song by The Cure. Released in May 1982, it is considered the pinnacle of "The Dark Trilogy", three albums that gradually increase in anger and isolation as the albums go by. The Dark Trilogy consists of Seventeen Seconds, Faith and Pornography.
Licentious painting or literature; especially, the painting anciently employed to decorate the walls of rooms devoted to bacchanalian orgies.
Hate literature characteristic of the Sexist sect of Abortionism. See also IMMATURE ADULT.
This refers to any material, verbs, objects that describe sexual acts and/or show people in sexual activity. Pornography is also defined as any literature which describes the above things and has no reason for its existence except to display this type of material. On GrassRoots, this refers to any subject of an adult nature which is put on a public list, and/or is displayed publicly.
If you don't know what this is by now, I don't propose to explain, except to say that the web is like an encyclopedia of information - whatever you look up, you are likely to find. For those who are concerned about what the kids might find, there are programs available that will bar certain words from the search engines, and there are programs that will attempt to stop downloads of porn with varying degrees of success.
One of the Internet's biggest businesses. As the world's media never tire of pointing out, pornography is widely available on the Net, in both commercialized subscription form and for free.
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See " obscenity" and " indecency."