Definitions for "Seventeen"
Seventeen is the debut album by UK R&B / Soul singer-songwriter Keisha White. The album features three singles, "Don't Care Who Knows" (Featuring Cassidy), "Don't Fool A Woman In Love" and her critically acclaimed cover of Joan Armatrading's "The Weakness In Me", which is Keisha's biggest hit single to date, peaking inside the UK top 20. The album charted at #308 in the UK upon it's initial release in March 2005.
This album, (previously titled "Seventeen") is the upcoming debut album by singer Chrishan, set for nationwide release in the Second Quarter, 2007. The official title of the album will be released, publicly, around the first single's release. The first single is to be released May 2007.
Keywords:  sixteen, cardinal, ten, sum, greater
One more than sixteen; ten and seven added; as, seventeen years.
The number greater by one than sixteen; the sum of ten and seven; seventeen units or objects.
the cardinal number that is the sum of sixteen and one
Seventeen is an American magazine for teenage girls. It was first published in 1944 and is still in the forefront of newsstand popularity among growing competition.
"Seventeen" is a popular song, written by Boyd Bennett in 1955 (see 1955 in music).
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A symbol denoting seventeen units, as 17, or xvii.