Definitions for "units "
The amount of college credit earned by satisfactory completion of a specific course taken for one semester. Each unit represents one hour per week of lecture or recitation, or a longer time in laboratory or other exercises not requiring outside preparation.
a credit to the development team
A measure of educational credit. One unit equals one credit hour.
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SI units are used throughout the calculation and display. Speeds are in m/s: 1m/s = 2kt. Distances are in metres: A nautical mile is about 1800 metres. (Grid shows 100 metre squares.)
The number of units of an improvement, such as square foot or linear foot.
Four or more basic Mosaic Parquet Squares; or four or more slats in 3/4" parquet, usually made from T&G strip flooring combined into a parquet unit.
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a natural outcome of the growth of the communities surrounding military bases, and part of it is an effort on the part of DoD and the BSA to AVOID a repeat of the Chicago case
a unit is defined as 'a unit of assessment with a coherent and explicit set of learning outcomes' it focusses on the learning to be assessed as a result of the learning process; it does not contain what is taught, but what is learned and demonstrated through assessment
VCAL units contain accredited learning outcomes that enable content to be developed and/or planned at the local level.
GNU `units' converts between different systems of units. It can handle multiplicative scale changes as well as nonlinear conversions, such as Fahrenheit to Celsius. Over 2000 units definitions are included in a well-annotated data file.
Units is a Unix computer program for conversion of units of quantities. It has a database of units, including esoteric and historical units. This for instance allows you to convert velocities specified in furlongs per fortnight, if you really wish.
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There is a major difference between UPPER and lowercase MB = Mega Bytes Mb = Mega bits kB = Kilo Bytes kb = Kilo bits There is 8 bits to a Byte, 8 kb = 1 kB
When investing in a unit linked contract, the individual's contribution is used to buy units of equal value. These units will fall or rise in line with the underlying investments.
Issued by a mutual fund trust to represent investment in a mutual fund.
a share of a managed investment. Units may fluctuate in value depending on the market performance of the underlying assets of the fund.
Term used for any section group for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides etc.
Multiple pieces banded together (Spacer Lugs).
Refers to ownership rights or a bundle of rights. Most LLCs issue "Membership Units" to their owners much like corporate certificates in corporations. Units can also refer to bundles of securities, such as a Unit consisting of a share of common stock, a share of preferred stock, and an option to purchase two more shares of each at a stated price.
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See Total Units or Weekly Units.
Our term used for allocating interior cabinet space for components. Units could also be referred to as columns.
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specifies the units of the coordinates being used.
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tells others what is being described and compared.
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the quality of a number or variable (i.e. what it measures: mass, length, time, speed, energy, etc.)
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the type of image resolution
Units are the elements of work required to complete each development activity. Depending on the activity, a unit may be a document, a test, or a module of code.
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measurement of activity