Definitions for "diversification"
An investment strategy designed to manage risk. Components of the portfolio...
Dividing the investment into a variety of securities.
The act of not putting all your investments in only one or few assets. Bloopers & Blunders Objective
Expanding into related or unrelated products or market segments.
Extends skills or experience from current product or market activities rather than covering totally unfamiliar territory. Customized online searches by reference librarians would extend their current research in print skills.
A strategy in which an organisation introduces itself to products / target markets not previously in its realm of experience.
"Wheat is King" was a slogan used throughout the early 1900’s. The main crop in North Dakota, wheat was seen as a "sure-profit" crop. Realizing the state’s farming economy was tied to wheat, many businessmen and agricultural experts pushed toward diversification – meaning that farmers should raise other crops and have other sources of income, such as cattle or flax.
Method of farming that involves more than one agricultural product.
Arranging checkers so that you will have different useful numbers on the following turn. It is better to arrange checkers in a way that whatever number you roll on your next turn, you will have a constructive play to make.
Arranging your checkers in diversity way that every number you will get from the dice, you will be able to play a good and constructive move.
to produce variety or make diverse
In reference to nonprofit income, this means having a variety of funding types and sources so that an organization is not unduly dependent on a handful of sources.
Holding a variety of securities so an occasional loss in one can be offset by gains in others
Investmentdiversificationlessensyourexposuretorisk, and gives yourportfolio an opportunity to grow.
The creation of alternative income generating opportunities.
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Owning more than one stock. Owning just Coke would be non-diversified. Owning Coke and Pepsi would be perfectly diversified.
Movement by a business into a new product or service offering outside its core business. In recent years many electric utilities have added services, which may be related to their energy-supply functions—such as natural gas, propane, electric surge suppression and energy-efficient appliances—or complementary services, such as home and business security, television programming and Internet services.
State of diversity or variation; variegation; modification; change; alternation.
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the condition of being varied; "that restaurant's menu lacks diversification; every day it is the same"
Orientation of business policy towards various lines of products and services in order to minimize the effects of economic fluctuations and stabilize the result.
The process of creating new products in order to serve customers that a company is not currently serving.
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The act of making various, or of changing form or quality.