Definitions for "Market penetration"
The proportion (as a percentage) of a potential market who actually buy a product or service.... more on: Market penetration
a strategy by which a company concentrates on expanding market share in its existing product markets. p. 249
A strategy for company growth by increasing sales of current products to current market segments without changing the product in any way.
The percentage of buyers a company has, compared to the total individuals, households or businesses in the area or Cluster you have selected as your market. Typically, the higher the market penetration the higher the market share and Share of Customer.
The percentage of the market owned by a company as represented by share of revenue.
The proportion of buyers on a file to the total list or to the total area. For business lists, penetration is usually analyzed by two-digit or four-digit SIC.
Opening a new restaurant in an area where your restaurant concept and name have little to no recognition.
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The share of a given market that is provided by a particular good or service at a given time.
Having to do with growing your business to get more of the market share.
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the percentage of all its potential purchasers to which a good or service is sold per unit time