Definitions for "Market Makers"
Keywords:  nasd, nasdaq, quotes, quotations, maker
The NASD member firms that buy and sell NASDAQ securities at prices and sizes they advertise in NASDAQ. There are more than 800 member firms that act as NASDAQ Market Makers.
Various commercial and investment banks that make a market in swaps and hold significant portfolios of swap contracts. A market participant who provides liquidity to the markets by continuously quoting prices at which he/she will buy or sell a particular instrument.
These are the people who ensure that there is a market in a particular share. They are the people who set the bid and offer prices. See Market Makers -- Saints or Sinners
A small group of financial entities with special rights and obligations, in order that they contribute to the liquidity of the Secondary Public Debt Market managed by the Central de Anotaciones (Book-Entry System of the Bank of Spain) and cooperate with the Dirección General del Tesoro y Política Financiera in the diffusion of the National Debt both in Spain and abroad.
A well-targeted set of customers in an industry, while preserving existing relationships and pricing models.
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