Definitions for "trader"
One who buys and sells goods, services, or securities.
One engaged in trade or commerce; one who makes a business of buying and selling or of barter; a merchant; a trafficker; as, a trader to the East Indies; a country trader.
A vessel engaged in the coasting or foreign trade.
Trader is a name shared by two fictional characters appearing in the Marvel Comics universe. The first is a member of the Elders of the Universe, and the second is a Mutant. The second Trader first appeared in Morlocks #1, created by Geoff Johns and Shawn Martinbrough.
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Trend Truckload Up trend
An object that other objects use to announce (`` export'') the services/capabilities they offer, and match the services (`` import'') they need against those exported by others. Export and import allow dynamic discovery of, and late binding to, services.
1) An object , not necessarily in the object orientation meaning, that selects one or more entities ( Server (s))to provide the services requested by another entity ( Client ). 2) An ODP infrastructure service that acts as a database for Interface References . Server objects advertise their services with the Trader, Clients use it to find and then connect to a desired service at run time. source: P103 - PIR2.3,ST3.4.1 domain:Development Environment usage: EU-P103
an object that supports the trading object service in a distributed environment
An enterprise that operates a for-profit business arranging for the purchase and/or sale of goods/services.
A person that frequently places transactions in markets with the intent to profit from changes in price.
A person who conducts a business which involves trading with members of the public• Businesses• Civil Courts• Goods - miscellaneous• Goods - sale of• Traders' Rights
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same as swapper (newer term)
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a man who earns what he gets and does not give or take the undeserved
a person who earns what he gets, and does not give or take the unearned
an alien in the United States admitted soley to carry on trade of a substantial nature principally between the United States and the country of the alien's nationality
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a gambler in some way
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Person at a trading participant who is authorized for futures or option trading on EEX.
a person who fights in the capital markets front line personally in order to generate equity
a person who makes money on big gains that happen relatively fast, they use technical analysis to pick their stocks
means a person registered with TradIndex to use the TradIndex Service.
Anyone who is registered to participate in the Iowa Electronic Markets.
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Trader - a dealer making operations using his own means or those entrusted by investors.
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Trading Account