Definitions for "Sales representative"
or sales rep or salesman or salesperson - someone who contacts existing and potential customers, and tries to persuade them to buy goods or services.
a person acting as an independent contractor to sell goods or services on behalf of a manufacturer or distributor
a person or company who is the main point of contact for customers
A marketing person employed by a manufacturer or wholesaler to represent certain product brands within a given sales area.
A salesperson who visits prospective customers of a publisher (booksellers, librarians, university department heads, school authorities, wholesalers, etc.) to show samples of or literature about the firm's forthcoming titles, as well as backlist items, to obtain orders for them. This person also transmits complaints and assists in promotional activities.
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an individual who is charged by companies which he represents to constantly place or conduct sales orders of goods in their names and to their accounts and who carries out this trade independently and as a profession
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a person who acts on behalf of a real estate or a business agent to negotiate a real estate or business transaction
A licensed employee of a Real Estate Broker authorized to trade in real estate.
A person with a real estate license and associated with a specific real estate broker.
an individual who wants to start a home based business