Definitions for "sales"
Total dollar amount collected for goods and services provided. While payment...
The dollar amount of products or services sold.
The total sales or revenues for the indicated year for a given security.
the top line of the income statement and the driving force of all organizations, ideas and progress... also used to describe the greatest profession in history and greatest skill one can ever have... (did you expect something less?)
Salespeople are responsible for building and maintaining client relationships, as well as providing clients with information about products and services, and marketing information to help manage risk. The firm’s salesforce is fundamental to our client-driven business model. Sales delivers the services of the firm to the client and also delivers the client’s business to the firm.
Transaction that involves the transfer of services/products for money.
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a general merchandise wholesale auction open to the public
a weekly wholesale auction run by auctioneer Daryl Harden
The moving image organization sells a copy of a resource, or part of a resource, to customers or clients.
Your organization transfers ownership of footage to a client for a price. If the footage is to be returned, select Rental/Loan. If your organization sells the rights to use the material under limited terms, select Duplication/Licensing.
Sales, or the activity of selling, forms an integral part of commercial activity. It could be argued that it is the cornerstone of business as it is the meeting of buyers and sellers and all other areas of business has the goal of making that meeting successful. Mastering sales is considered by many as some sort of persuading "art".
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salvage value SG&A
Turnover from company activities
Sales of consolidated companies + 100% of sales of joint ventures and associates.
transfer of property from one person into ownership or use and (or) possession and (or) at disposal of another person, particularly, transfer under agreements of purchase and sale, property lease, other civil and legal agreements, or in case of substitution of one obligation by another, or changes in the terms of obligations' fulfillment
Sales increase by expanding your hours. Available Communications can handle that traffic for you.
A conversion type. Purchases at a website
COMPARABLE - A sale of another property which may be used to indicate the value of a property. Comparable sales are normally similar in condition, style, size, location and utility to the property being evaluated..
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