Definitions for "Marketing strategy"
The documented system that takes into consideration everything you know about your target market and defines your positioning, pricing structure, and the variety of messages and channels you will use to attract, convert, and maintain an ongoing stream of qualified customers.
The first stage is setting marketing objectives (where the organisation wants to be at the end of the strategic planning period) and goals (the objectives with specific numerical benchmarks and deadlines attached to allow management to measure achievement). The second stage is specifying the core marketing strategy, i.e. specific target markets, competitive positioning and key elements of the marketing mix. The third is the implementation of tactics to achieve the core strategy.
a company's plan that identifies how it will use marketing to achieve its goals (p. 11)
The process of adjusting controllable marketing factors to cope with or exploit uncontrollable environmental forces.
a high level plan of action and objectives for the
an overall marketing plan designed to meet the needs and requirements of customers
a plan of how you will market you business to your customers