Definitions for "market economy"
A system of allocating resources based only on the interaction of market forces,...
An economy in which nearly all resources are allocated freely through the interplay of supply and demand largely unhampered by government rationing, price-fixing or other coercive interference.
An economy in which resource allocations, prices and other marketing decisions are primarily determined by the free market.
a good thing
an ingenious device for ensuring that when things become scarce only the rich can get them
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an emanation of logos
a lot about being in the right place at the right time, and certainly, the wrong place to be today is in a position where you have committed to denying the existence of conspicuously gathering inflationary forces
a dynamic discovery process generated by the competitive entrepreneurial scramble for profits
an holistic entity in which individual trade policies are insufficient to solve individual problems
a voluntary association of property owners for the purpose of trading to their mutual advantage
a necessary condition for a free society