Definitions for "Cartel"
A group of companies or countries which collectively attempt to affect market...
A group of individuals or businesses which try to profit from a trading situation by fixing prices and/or regulating/restricting the supply of a product.
A group of businesses or nations that act together as a single producer to obtain market control and to influence prices in their favor by limiting production of a product. The United States has laws prohibiting cartels.
An agreement between belligerents for the exchange of prisoners.
an engagement for the exchange of prisoners of war
an unarmed ship commissioned in time of war to exchange prisoners of any two hostile powers, or to carry proposals from one to another
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A letter of defiance or challenge; a challenge to single combat.
To defy or challenge.
groups joined in common cause 16C It cartello "written challenge to a duel", later "agreement" between opponents
a poster advertising a bullfight but also refers to the collection of matadors or novilleros who will appear
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Cartel is a five-member American pop punk band from Atlanta, Georgia that formed in 2004. Their most recent album, Chroma put them on Alternative Press's 2005 list of "Bands You Need to Know". In March 2006, they were also named Yahoo!
a hardcore conspiracy violation
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Cartel is designed to be a CMS along with being a client extranet/portal. Written in Java, it will work with any JDBC capable RDBMS, and is platform independent.
When eTopps allowed collectors to vote on which players they wanted as part of the 2002 baseball set, a number of collectors with substantial voting power pooled their votes to determine whether or not certain players would receive a card. Related: Vote.
a device for transporting groceries in a supermarket
an example of Perfect Cooperation, with the same outcome as a monopolist
De Beers appears to have operated a cartel for most of its existence.
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