Definitions for "Collectors"
Aquactic organisms who feed on the bite-sized suspended particles that are left over by the shredders and scrapers.
organisms which filter out small particles.
Species that are detritivores, herbivores or both
Contacting devices for collecting current from the runway or bridge conductors. The mainline collectors are mounted on the bridge to transmit current from the runway conductors, and the trolley collector are mounted on the trolley to transmit current from the bridge conductors.
Small invertebrates that eat leaf matter and organic debris.
macroinvertebrates that collect and eat small organic material (1mm).
Functional Feeding Group: Consume fine particulate organic matter deposited on the stream bottom
In rural areas, routes serving intra-county, rather than statewide travel. In urban areas, streets providing direct access to neighborhoods as well as direct access to arterials.
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NPCs that give items in exchange for collectable drops .
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Small sewer pipes measuring twelve inches or less in diameter.
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Medium level traffic mobility and medium level of access to land.