Definitions for "Feeding"
Applying additional plant nutrients to the compost in an effort to enhance growth or remedy deficiencies in the compost. This can also be carried out by a foliar feed, where the leaves and plant are sprayed with the feed.
Some plants will require extra nutrition partway through the growing season. This may occur, for example, where the plants are grown on poor soil or in containers. The inorganic gardener has a number of options available to him. Organic gardeners are restricted in their choices, but this is no real handicap. If it is known that a particular crop will require extra feeding, a sprinkling of blood, fish and bone can be made around the roots and lightly hoed in early in the season. Alternatively, or in addition, the use of seaweed fertiliser as a foliar feed will give a much needed boost to leafy vegetables and legumes. For fruiting types, such as squash, tomatoes and so on, a better option would be comfrey liquid, which may be made or purchased in concentrated form for dilution. It is very unlikely that well grown organic crops will require anything further in the way of feeding, although a potassium deficiency may be dealt with quickly by the addition of some freshly prepared (cooled) wood ash, again lightly hoed in around the roots.
the act of eating, or of supplying with food; the process of fattening.
That which is eaten; food.
That which furnishes or affords food, especially for animals; pasture land.
The process of supplying molten metal to compensate for volume shrinkage while the casting is solidifying.
Supplying additional molten metal to a casting to make up for volume shrinkage during casting solidification. See Solidification.
The role the heel plays during a babyface's comeback where he repeatedly is fended off by the face with a series of bumps that is hoped to generate heat. A face can also feed the heel in hopes of gaining fan support.
a subfertile estrus and females should not be inseminated on this estrus
An activity of vampyres in which they consume a donor's blood, or prana from a donor by other means, or elemental energy from nature.
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passing the puck.
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The mechanical positioning of an individual round for subsequent insertion into the chamber of a weapon during the cycle or operation.
A fresh cartridge is placed in the chamber by a hand or by the bolt.
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feeding and DM (German)
(Rare.) Descriptive of a windstorm of increasing intensity.