Definitions for "Musette"
Keywords:  bagpipe, drone, bass, imitate, dance
A small bagpipe formerly in use, having a soft and sweet tone.
An air adapted to this instrument; also, a kind of rustic dance.
an instrumental Baroque dance with a bagpipe-like drone bass.
purse of the shoulder of the cloth [ of the French ] for the food and the drinks that take, given generally dull to the runners in zone of the feeding.
A cloth bag that contains food and drink for the rider. Handed out in feeding stations.
Small lightweight cotton shouder bag, used for containing food and drink given to riders in a feed zone during a cycle race. The bag is designed so that it can be easily grabbed by a moving rider. The shoulder strap is placed over the head and one shoulder, the contents are then removed and placed into jersey pockets or bottles (bidons) are placed into bottle cages. The bag is then discarded.[ edit][ edit][ edit