Definitions for "Minuet"
A slow graceful dance consisting of a coupee, a high step, and a balance.
A tune or air to regulate the movements of the dance so called; a movement in suites, sonatas, symphonies, etc., having the dance form, and commonly in 3-4, sometimes 3-8, measure.
A seventeenth-century court dance in moderate triple meter that later served as the model for the third movement of Classical instrumental works. mode (1) In the Middle Ages, a means of organizing plainchant according to orientations around the seven-note diatonic scale (corresponding to the white notes on a keyboard); (2) in the tonal system, one of the two colorings, called major and minor, that may be applied to any of twelve keys.
Minuet permette alle scuole superiori di migliorare la comunicazione con le famiglie aggregando i dati sulle presenze e sulle votazioni riportate dagli studenti con le comunicazioni ufficiali inviate dall'Istituto.
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Minuet is a fictional character in the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe. She was played by Carolyn Mc Cormick. She was a holodeck character developed by the Bynars to show Commander William Riker and Captain Jean-Luc Picard the enhanced programming the Bynars installed in the Enterprise computer.