Definitions for "Allemande"
A dance in moderate twofold time, invented by the French in the reign of Louis XIV.; -- now mostly found in suites of pieces, like those of Bach and Handel.
A figure in dancing.
(Fr. for "German dance") : Movement of a dance suite, typically in duple / quadruple meter and often investigating the imitative possibilities of the instruments involved. Usually it comes toward the beginning of the suite, often after the first movement.
Keywords:  velout, veal, lemon, sauce, juice
A sauce made of Veloute (usually veal), a liaison and lemon juice.
A small sauce made by adding a cream/egg liason and lemon juice to a Velouté Sauce which has been derrived from veal or chicken stock.
egg-thickened veloute
( allemande left photo) Two dancers walking around each other with either right hands or left hands touching palm to palm in the arm position they would use if they were arm wrestling. Regardless of whether fingers are wrapped around the other's hand or the hand remains open, the connections is made by gentle pressure and not squeazing, which hurts. By bending at the elbow, apply enough pressure that you can roatate as a single unit.