Definitions for "Fanfare"
A flourish of trumpets, as in coming into the lists, etc.; also, a short and lively air performed on hunting horns during the chase.
Music primarily played by brass instruments -- occasionally with percussion accompaniment -- for ceremonial purposes. "Hail to the Chief" is an example of a fanfare, as is the theme music for the Olympic games.
A short, dramatic piece for bright instruments such as trumpets.
A double winch driven by an electric motor and brake to stream fanfare noisemakers aft of the screws to decoy acoustic torpedos away from the screws.
A style of binding featuring leafy sprays and interlaces bounded by a single gold line on one side and a double gold line on the other.
The T-Mk 6 Fanfare is a towed sonar decoy developed after the Second World War by the United States Navy. It replaced the Foxer noisemaker. It was more effective than the Foxer, producing a sound similar to a ships propeller, rather than wideband noise.
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