Definitions for "Decoy"
Keywords:  lure, duck, snare, fowl, entrap
To lead into danger by artifice; to lure into a net or snare; to entrap; to insnare; to allure; to entice; as, to decoy troops into an ambush; to decoy ducks into a net.
Anything intended to lead into a snare; a lure that deceives and misleads into danger, or into the power of an enemy; a bait.
A fowl, or the likeness of one, used by sportsmen to entice other fowl into a net or within shot.
A fictitious name inserted into a mailing list to monitor list usage.
A fictitious name with a real address placed in a mailing list for monitoring purposes (also Dummy).
A specific name or party inserted into a mailing list to uncover unauthorized use of that list. Also see Seeds.
Something to simulate an aircraft to confuse the enemy.
To force an enemy piece either away from or to a particular square or line, often by means of a SACRIFICE. (Some writers use DECOY only for forcing TO a square or line and DEFLECTION for forcing AWAY FROM a square or line.)
In chess, decoying is the tactic of ensnaring a piece, usually the king or queen, by forcing it to move to a poisoned square with a sacrifice on that square.
a person hired to assist in the training of police service dogs by acting as a subject for which the dog is taught to search
Decoy (also titled Decoy Police Woman on some DVD releases) was a groundbreaking American police procedural television series which was created for syndication in 1957-1958. The series starred Beverly Garland as Casey Jones, a female police officer who is often assigned to work undercover (hence becoming the "decoy" of the title).
A person employed by officers of justice, or parties exposed to injury, to induce a suspected person to commit an offense under circumstances that will lead to his detection.
An offensive play meant to disguise the spiker who will receive the set.
Keywords:  morphy, meek, diversion, model, game
a diversion, as in the model game Morphy-Meek.
Keywords:  dont, hindering, neighbors, hope, idea
a good idea, I hope that you find your neighbors are not hindering your sale, because I dont know how you would handle it if you find that they are
an object designed to look like a warhead that is released by an incoming missile, thereby attracting the missile defense system to attack the decoy and not the real warhead.
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a file that looks like a song but plays only a repeated sound or a warning against piracy
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a shorter term for decoy assumption.