Definitions for "Agro"
(adj) aggressive
State of being aggresive, to aggravate a mob. Monsters that are hostile towards players. Normally one picks up "agro" by running to close to the monster, thus making it chase after the player. also: Hate/threat
Short for "aggressive;" the behavior by which a mob automatically attacks players without first being attacked. - Short for "aggression;" the numerical score which represents how much a particular mob hates someone; whoever has the highest agro is the one who gets attacked by that mob. Generally raised by attacking the mob or aiding someone who's attacking it. There are usually some ways to lower it as well.
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Serenity was "a small agro community" (MW); agro fruits and plants (WOG), Starbuck hailed from Umbra, an agrocity on Caprica (MWNL)
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A verb describing extreme agression.
Agro is a puppet character on Australian television, who describes himself as a 'talking bathmat'. He is operated by comedian Jamie Dunn. Agro is known for his love of Australian rugby league player Wally Lewis, demonstrated by the various songs written and sang by Agro.