Definitions for "blitz"
a quick move by defensive players toward the passer on the offensive team, as soon as the ball is snapped; -- it is used when the defensive teams assumes that a pass will be attempted, and risks allowing substantial gains by the offensive team if other plays are in fact planned.
A blitz is a fast and focused process for improving some component of business ­ a product line, a machine, or a process. It utilizes a cross-functional team of employees for a quick problem-solving exercise, where they focus on designing solutions to meet some well-defined goals.
Occurs when a player other than a defensive lineman (linebackers, cornerbacks and safeties) rushes the opposing quarterback.
a rapid and violent military attack with intensive aerial bombardment. Same as blitzkrieg
any vigorous and intensive attack, bombardment, or assault, literally or figuratively; as, they used a blitz of television commercials to launch their new product; the German blitz on London.
same as blitz chess.
Blitz is the official mascot of the Seattle Seahawks, a team in the National Football Conference of the National Football League. A large blue bird, Blitz made his debut on September 13, 1998 at the Seahawks' home opener at The Kingdome in Seattle.
Blitz is a fictional anthropomorphic dog from the action/comedy cartoon Road Rovers that premiered in September 1996. He is a Doberman. Before he became a Road Rover he lived in an auto junkyard in Germany.
an Illinois plate on a red Chevrolet Lumina Eurosport driven by Alan Blitstein
Blitz is a is an autonomous house in the centre of Oslo, Norway. It started out as a squatted building in the beginning of the 1980s and has since been a centre of socialist, communist and anarchist activism.
Blitz is a professional Puerto Rican wrestler who competes in the International Wrestling Association.
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(slang) (verb) defeat severely;(slang) (noun) a big win;(slang) (noun) a win that obtains the maximum possible score.
To send an electronic mail message using the College's BlitzMail computer program (noun), which will take over your life and become your main form of communication for the next four years. You will come to love this verb and noun pair.
Blitz is a student magazine published every week of Session and O-Week by the Source, a student union based at the University of New South Wales. Blitz was established in the early 1990's when a former editor from another student publication on campus, Tharunka, was hired to found a weekly "What's on" magazine. Blitz typically covers the going's on around campus and conducts interviews and publishes stories relating to current student activities.
Blitz is a Portuguese music newspaper. It was founded in November 1984, by a group of five journalists.
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A light to medium weight woven fabric with a filament warp and spun weft. Often has a very fine crosswise rib. Common blends are acetate/rayon and polyester/rayon.
a captivating, intoxicating individual
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Blitz is a British punk/Oi! band who had enjoyed success in the indie charts in the early 1980s.
a concentrated, intensive, and very noticeable burst of advertising and promotion activity over a relatively short time frame, for the purpose of creating maximum exposure and impact while reducing the perceived presence of competitors' messages; see bursting and heavy-up scheduling.
an intense inspection of all cargo
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"Check 100! Check 100!"
an individualized version of the class