Definitions for "Acetate"
A salt formed by the union of acetic acid with a base or positive radical; as, acetate of lead, acetate of potash.
A thin flexible plastic sheet usually available in roll form. Durable and stretch-resistant, this clear material is normally used as a substrate in point-of-purchase signs. Available in glossy and matte finishes.
A man-made cellulose fabric similar to Rayon used in linings and some dressy tops. Some Acetate can be dyed with Procion MX Dyes.
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Many convincing artificial silks are made from acetate. It has almost the same finish and draping qualities as silk but is less prone to fade or rot.
Used for artificial silks dry clean only.
A quick drying fabric which is luxurious in feel and appearance. It is drapeable, fast drying, and relatively inexpensive.
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CH3CO2-(aq.) as a free ion; CH3CO2 as a 'fragment' in a molecule.
A molecular ion derived from acetic acid. The formula of acetate is CH3COO-.
(formula: CH3COOH) a salt of acetic acid having buffer properties.
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A term used to describe a small test pressing run of a vinyl record made from acetate material.
a piece of aluminum coated with a layer of vinyl, into which grooves are cut, like a record
a soft version of a record on to which a groove is etched in essentially the reverse process of playing a record
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Chemical used for de-icing runways and taxiways.
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a one-off disk which is playable on a turntable
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Reference or demo disc, usually cut for technical evaluation purposes.
a transitional stage between the master tape and the finished cd
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a piece of metal, covered in a layer of acetone (therefore causing it to be heavier than a standard record)
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a specific form of Vitamin A