Definitions for "Ester"
An ethereal salt, or compound ether, consisting of an organic radical united with the residue of any oxygen acid, organic or inorganic; thus the natural fats are esters of glycerin and the fatty acids, oleic, etc.
An ester is a compound formed from an acid and an alcohol. In esters of carboxylic acids, the -COOH group and the -OH group lose a water and become a -COO- linkage: R-COOH + R'-OH = R-COO-R' + H2O where R and R' represent organic groups.
One of a class of compounds that hydrolysis yield one or more molecules of an acid and one or more molecules of an alcohol.
A phenoxy herbicide formulation that is more prone to vaporizing and potentially moving off-site than the amine form. Also see phenoxy herbicides, amine.
a census-designated place located in Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska
a hydrocarbon chain available to bond with another molecule
a tiny molecule that is smaller than a hydrocarbon, so it penetrates hydrocarbon residue and breaks it up, sending it out the exhaust pipe
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a functional group that consists of a carbon with a carbonyl group and an ether link to another carbon