Definitions for "Methylation"
The addition of a chemical group (methyl) to DNA that epigenentically alters gene expression.
Enzymatic addition of methyl (CH3) group to DNA which causes inactivation of that region. Usually CpG nucleotide pairs are target for this addition.
Methylation of cytosine (usually in CG stretches) -- sign for transcription factors to activate the gene and thus produce a protein. It is generally understood that genes that are available for transcription are sometimes less heavily methylated than the same genes in cells in which they are never expressed. It also refers to the addition of a methyl group to a chemical compound or macromolecule.
replacement of one or more hydrogen atoms in a compound with a methyl group.
a chemical change and not a mutation
an irreversible reaction
a better indicator of prostate cancer Prostate treatment decisions based on perception more than fact Older men with early prostate cancer survived longer with treatment vs
a common molecular alteration in colorectal cancer cells
a key to cancer and other diseases, it is important to control it at the source, before the damage is done
a critical cell-intrinsic determinant of astrocyte differentiation in the fetal brain
a critical determinant in controlling the timing and magnitude of neural cell differentiation
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a frequent event in anal HSIL and SCC
a significant change which may contribute to the early developmental stages of HCCs
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a common feature of human neoplasia
a tag that enables different phenotypic expression from an identical nucleotide sequence
a very active field of research involving laboratories throughout the world