Definitions for "Voc"
Volatile Octane Compound
Volatile Organic Compounds. VOC are organic chemicals that evaporate at room temperature. Gasoline is primarily composed of VOC. They contribute to low level ozone formation through their reaction with sunlight and can contribute to upper atmosphere ozone depletion.
An organic compound which will eventually vaporize (evaporate) and react with the atmosphere and sunlight to create smog and other pollutants. The government has legislated limitations on VOC emissions for many areas.
Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie
Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie (Dutch East-India Company), founded in 1602. More info.
Voice On Control. An option that can be used with IntelliRepeaters.
VOD voice mail
Voice-on-camera. A scene in which an actor speaks a line while the camera is on him.
Verification of Coverage. Confirmation from the Insurance Carrier on the specifics of an inforce life insurance policy. The VOC form asks specific questions about all aspects of the policy, such as whether it is past the contestability and the suicide period, if the policy has already been assigned to someone else, if there is an irrevocable beneficiary, what the premiums are, if the premiums are current, etc.
A file extension specifying the Creative Labs Sound Blaster audio format. Typically encountered as FILENAME.VOC.
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Sound file DOS
SOUND same as WAV
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Open-circuit voltage
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An abbreviation for Vocal used on track sheets.