Definitions for "FLUOROCARBON"
Compound of fluorine and carbon.
an organic compound that contains fluorine. Some of these compounds may affect health but they are non-reactive and therefore not smog forming
A non-flammable, heat-stable hydrocarbon liquid or gas. Traditionally used as propellants, notably in spray cans, fluorocarbons are classified as ozone-depleting substances. Many industries are seeking to reduce, and even eliminate, the use of fluorocarbons in the manufacture and operation of their products.
tippet or leader material, correct name for the material is made of PVDF-polyvinylidenfluoride.
Material made of PVDF-polyvinylidenfluoride used for tippet or leader material.
A polymer designed to meet the most rigid requirements. (Viton A, Fluorel) In Oils, solvents, synthetic lubricants and corrosive chemicals, at elevated temperatures.
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The liquid vaporized in Vapor Phase reflow soldering.