Definitions for "Carbon disulfide"
CAS Number: 75-15-0. A colorless, flammable, poisonous liquid used as a solvent for rubber and as an insect fumigant. Chemical formula = CS2. Molecular weight = 76.14 g/mol. Learn More...
A highly flammable nonpetroleum solvent used for gas chromatography because of its relatively low signal generated in a flame ionisation detector. Carbon disulfide has the formula CS2. Reagent grade CS2 has an odour similar to rotten broccoli and can be ignited by contact with boiling water. It burns with a blue flame, providing CO2 and SO2 (sulfur dioxide). The explosive limits of CS2 are 1 to 50%. CS2 has a flash point of -22°F.
a toxic colorless flammable liquid (CS2); used in the manufacture of rayon and cellophane and carbon tetrachloride and as a solvent for rubber
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