Definitions for "TOC"
Theory of Constraints. A production management theory which dictates that volume is controlled by a series of constraints related to work center capacity, component availability, finance, etc. Total throughput cannot exceed the capacity of the smallest constraint, and any inventory buffers or excess capacity at non-related work center is waste.
Theory of Constraints. A manufacturing strategy that attempts to remove the influence of bottleneck constraints on processes.
THEORY OF CONSTRAINTS. The essential concept of TOC is that every organization must have at least one constraint. A constraint is any factor that limits the organization from getting more of whatever it strives for, which is usually profit. Click here for a related article on this topic.
That part of a CD’s lead-in data which shows the number of tracks, their starting locations and the total length of the data area of the disc. The TOC does NOT show the length of each track, only its starting point.
Total Oxygen Carbon
Total Organic Carbon. The concentration of organic matter in the sediment, expressed in terms of carbon (MW = 12.00) a dry weight basis (usually g/kg or mg/kg).
Technical Operating Center. Telco location where telecommunications operations and equipment are tested and monitored; each center contains wire centers, test jacks, equipment racks, mux and radio equipment. [TOC operations include circuit installation, circuit maintenance and performance monitoring. Some, but not all TOCs, are equipped with switch equipment.
Tactical Operations Centre
Tactical Operations Center. Essentially a command post for a tactical unit. Often built underground or dug into the side of a hill.
Transtorno Obsessivo Compulsivo
Troubles Obsessionnels Compulsifs
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able ontents
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Tournament of Champions.
Time of Century. Used register to time stamp trace data and interprocess messages.
A central facility that controls, monitors, and manages the surface transportation system within its coverage area. See also TMC.
Transfer of Control. On workstations which have it, basically a "RESET" button. Servers may have more advanced features.
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The Ocean Conservancy
Contents of the Lead-in, this contains the addresses of all the tracks on the CD.
Table Of Content
a list of the contents of a publication in the order of their appearance.
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TAG Open Cup; a flash point test method.
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Tape On Cover, or Tear of Cover
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Travel Order Claim
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Ads placed adjacent are known as "Opposite TOC."