Definitions for "AOS"
Refers to Acquisition of Signal.
Acquisition of Signal. The time or location where signals from a satellite are capable of being received.
cquisition ignal. The time at which a satellite rises above the local horizon. For a LEO satellite, it's passage across the sky will take around 15 minutes. The satellite's setting time is known as oss ignal, or LOS.
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dd- tabilization.
Accessory Olfatory System. A system for the uncinscious processing of chemical messages. In most mammals it consists of the vomeronasal organ (VNO), the accessory olfatory bulb (AOB), axons and the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis.
See Area Of Service or Alternative Operator Service
Aggregation Operating System
Alcatel Operating System
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Adult onsite exposure
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American Orchid Society
Area of Service. The geographical area supported by a communication service.
Abbreviation for Affidavit of Support. See Affidavit of Support.
The abbreviation for "area of study," the 11 broad academic areas in which the college can award degrees.
Adjustment of Status (the process to become a Green Card Holder / Permanent Resident)
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An Air Observer School.