Definitions for "TRS"
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Trade Registration System. The Trade Registration System (TRS) is a real-time trade matching and administration system, developed by LIFFE, which facilitates post-trade processing and position maintenance. Details of each trade are fed into the system through LIFFE CONNECT(tm) and are then assigned to accounts or allocated to other members.
see 1/4 TRS
Usually used to refer to 15 amp cable, although TRS actually stands for Thick Rubber Shielding
Telangana Rashtra Samithi
Telangana Rashtra Samiti
Telecommunications Relay Service. Provides hearing-impaired individuals the ability to communicate with others via 800 access using a telephone or terminal.
Transactional Reporting Service. This Copyright Clearance Center pay-per-use service grants organizations or individuals instant permission to make photocopies of copyrighted materials.
Telecommunications Relay Service. The operator-based service that provides a translation medium between users of TTYs and users of standard voice telephones.
Total Reduced Sulfur
Total reduced sulphur meaning the sum of the following reduced malodorous sulphur compounds generated in the pulping process: hydrogen sulphide, methyl mercaptan, dimethylsulphide and dimethyldisulphide expressed as sulphur.
Total reduced sulphur. Unpleasant smelling sulphur compounds released into the air from sulphate pulp mills
Teachers’ Retirement System. The retirement system established by chapter 238, F.S., closed to new members upon creation of the FRS, effective December 1, 1970.
Teachers Retirement System. Name used as the common reference to Washington State Teachers Retirement System (see WSTRS).
Teacher Retirement System
Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (USAF)
Refer to Total Return Swaps. Generally, the market maker or bank will pay an asset's total rate of return in exchange for a cash payment. The stipulated asset or index is the benchmark or reference point. The counterparty to the investor or risk manager often receives LIBOR plus a risk financing margin.
Theft Risk Surcharge.
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Trimble Reference Station
abbreviation for raining outines, practical drills which can greatly increase a student's ability in essential auditing skills, such as communication.
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Taxable REIT Subsidiary
Transmission Range Sensor
Transmission Regulated Spark (Ford)
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Twill slanting to the right that has a light texture or is smooth. With
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True Bypass True Diversity
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Timing Reference Signal, usually in form of digital data. E.g. in composite digital systems it is four code word sequence.
Timing reference signals used in composite digital systems. It is four words long.
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see training routines.
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Traffic & Revenue Study
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Timely Reporting Scheme