Definitions for "Bypass"
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(BY pass) v: to detour around; to circumvent; to avoid; to ignore When making a formal request, never bypass your immediate supervisor.
A roadway, typically a freeway or arterial, that permits traffic to avoid part or all of an urban area. C-D
a road that takes traffic around the edge of a town
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Line, either pipe or electrical wire, that permits a fluid or current to flow around an object.
A pipe or duct, usually controlled by valve or damper, for conveying a fluid around an element of a system.
Condition resulting from the product flowing through a housing without flowing through the medium. Also a filtering system which filters only part of the stream, on a continuous basis. Opposite of full flow.
A track that goes around other rail facilities (bypasses them). A bypass may be as simple as a track that goes around a small yard, or may be as significant as a complete route revision.
a direct arterial anastomosis from a branch of the STA to an MCA branch emerging from the sylvian fissure
a passage through the packer that connects the annular space outside the central conduit or receptacle and above the packer with the space below the packer
Access an IEC other than the customer's Equal Access carrier by dialing 10+CIC Code. (e.g. Bypass to LDDS WorldCom by dialing "10555"). See Walkthrough, CIC Code
Method by which a customer gains access to direct deliveries of gas from a supplier other than its traditional supplier. In the past, distributors have "bypassed" one pipeline by building an interconnect into another system. Industrial customers may "bypass" their local distributor by tapping directly into a pipeline. The ultimate bypass, according to some analysts, is when a company switches from gas to another fuel altogether.
A situation that allows a customer to purchase full or partial electricity or natural gas service from a non-utility supplier instead of a local distribution company.
Immunology Proteins Immunotherapy Proximal
Immunotherapy Radiolabeled Induction Radiosensitization
When an INPUT DEVICE (such as a motion sensor) is electronically neutralized so that a FAULT on that sensor does not trigger an OUTPUT DEVICE. In the case of a MOTION SENSOR, this allows the occupants to freely move about while the ALARM SYSTEM is ARMED.
To temporarily de-activate a portion of the input devices , so as not to trigger the alarm system while armed . This feature is usually used when a sensor is defective , or a window is intentionally left open .
The act of temporally disconnecting a part of the system. A bypassed device can not trigger an alarm. Close Glossary Window
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Device which allows feeding of media (paper, etc.) which is not loaded in a cassette, drawer or elevator unit. Typically, bypass allows copying of occasional and exotic materials; index cards, transparencies, labels, etc. If the bypass allows multiple sheets it is described as the amount of sheets it holds (such as “50 sheet bypass”). It it allows only one sheet to be fed, it is described as “Sheet bypass.” If it is a smart bypass it is described as such, with the maximum sheet total also mentioned.
a device that allows people to quickly move themselves from point A to point B
Flaw in a security device that allows messages to go around the security mechanisms. Crypto bypass refers to flaws that allow plaintext to leak out.
Hypercalcemia Preclinical Hypertension Premalignant
A device added to an AF drive which allows the motor power to be transferred via a set of contactors. This is useful in case of a drive failure, or if maintenance is being done on the drive.
Maintenance bypass; wrap-around manual maintenance bypass using the optional bypass circuit breaker Q3BP in conjunction with circuit breaker Q4S and isolation circuit breaker Q5N.
A circuit that directs utility power to the load without passing through the UPS circuit when UPS fails to work.
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The bypass tray allows you to feed non-standard paper without having to put it in one of the main paper trays.
A bypass is a tray that inputs non standard paper into your machine without using one of your main paper trays. This can be used to change the weight of the paper for a special document or to print on letterhead or coloured papers.
a method that will allow you to play maplestory without game gaurd running or detecting programs
Insulin Pulmonary Interferon
capacitor placed from a dc signal to ground will remove any ac component of the signal by creating an ac short circuit to ground.
the practice of using (typically) low value capacitors to conduct high frequency signals either to earth or around a device with limited frequency range
The alteration of a telephone instrument so that it will pass audio even with the handset on the cradle (an alteration to the hookswitch).
The ability of a station to be optically or electronically isolated from the network while maintaining the integrity of the ring.
The ability of a node to isolate itself optically from a network while maintaining the continuity of the cable plant.
That amount of water released from a reservoir other than through the powerplant for those reservoirs which have a powerplant connected to them.
transport of an EMS patient past a normally used EMS receiving facility to a designated medical facility for the purpose of accessing more readily available or appropriate medical care.
a complication that must be based on clinical criteria for its diagnosis due to the critical state of the patients who undergo it
Bypass is an IP forwarding/tunneling tool which can be used where limited bypassing of a firewall is necessary, but relaxing the restrictions in the actual firewall is not an option. The aim is for bypass to be automatic and transparent.
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using a machine to bypass the heart and lungs during surgery
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a door consisting of two or more panels that run in parallel tracks.
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Make a Submission
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a major operation
Selectively remove points from the security system.
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a risk to the security of any product