Definitions for "PCI"
Peripheral Components Interconnect, system bus used to connect peripherals such as video and audio cards, controller, network cards and other. It has a working frequency of 33 MHz and a transfer rate of 133 Mb/sec.
A type of slot built in to the motherboard that is designed to capacitate card-based components that must transfer relatively large amounts of data quickly for processing. Examples of PCI components are graphics adapters, network adapters, SCSI adapters, and in some cases, sound cards.
ersonal omputer nterconnect. This is the most widely used card interface for all devices. For example you might see PCI sound cards, video cards, modems, network adapters, video addons and so-on. When reading motherboard specs, the more PCI slots the better.
Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. An intervention with introduction of catheters and balloons to dilate coronary atherosclerotic narrowing.
PERCUTANEOUS CORONARY INTERVENTION. Any of the procedures used during an interventional cardiology procedure (angioplasty, atherectomy, or stent placement, for example)
See percutaneous coronary intervention.
Partido Comunista Italiano
Partito Comunista Italiano
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Placas de Circuito Impresso
Place de Circuito Impresso
picocurie(s) (1 pCi is equal to 10-12 Ci)
Picocurie (equiv. 10-12 Curie Radiation)
Peabody Clean Industries
Payment Card Industry
" means coal that is pulverized and injected into a blast furnace. Those grades of coal used in the PCI process are generally non-coking. However, since such grades are utilized by the metallurgical industry, they are considered to be a metallurgical coal. PCI grade coal is used primarily as a heat source in the steelmaking process in partial replacement for high quality coking coals which are typically more expensive."
Pension Contribution Insurance. This is a standalone contract linked to a personal pension arrangement. It is intended to ensure that the value of your pension at retirement is maintained on your behalf. PCI will ensure that your full pension contributions continue to be paid in the event of inability to work due to illness or injury. It pays the pension contributions until the selected retirement date or your subsequent return to employment. The product provider ensures payment into the pension. Currently, no providers make PCI available to persons who do not have a pension arrangement with them. back
(Parameterized Configuration Interaction) empirical scaling of contribution of dynamic correlation to bond strengths. See Siegbahn, Blomberg, et. al.
Personal Contact Item. An item which must be delivered by hand to the addressee or recognized representative for the purpose of obtaining a signature or for the collection of charges. (article à remettre en mains propres)
PCI stands for prophylactic cranial irradiation. Sometimes, lung cancer spreads to the brain. PCI tries to prevent this by giving radiotherapy to the brain. See lung cancer section.
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PetSmart Charities Inc
Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute
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Participatory crop improvement. includes PPB and PVS (see below).
Prothrombin consumption index
Parti Communiste Internationaliste (Internationalist Communist party – the French section of the Fourth International)
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Within a Loran-C pulse, the duration of an entire phase-coded pattern. One PCI is equal to two GRIs.
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A DVD-Video data stream containing details of the timing and presentation of a program (aspect ratio, angle change, menu highlight and selection information, and so on). PCI and DSI together make up an overhead of about 1 Mbps.
Price Cap Index. The constraint which specifies the maximum allowable value of the Actual Price Index. The PCI consists of an inflation factor (I), a productivity offset (X) and an exogenous factor (Z).
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Per Capita Income
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Pentium Pro port print cartridge
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EASI/PACE An image processing and GIS software package produced by the PCI Remote Sensing Corporation.
Photo Certified Institute - Grading service
Independent third party grading service based in GA.
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pre-combat inspections
Permanent Clinical Impairment
Production Carbon Intensity. A measure of the amount of CO2, N20 and CH4 (expressed as CO2 equivalents) emitted per unit of production.
Protocol Control Information
Presentation Control Information. Information about the timing and presentation of a program.