Definitions for "Expansion Slot"
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"A physical slot found on some handheld PCs or available via an accessory that can accept certain types of media such as CompactFlash, MultiMedia Card, Sony's Memory Stick, and Handspring's Springboard modules. Depending on the manufacturer, these cards may be be used for add-ons, including MP3 players, modems, pagers, games, digital cameras, removable storage, and global positioning systems."
A slot on the motherboard to which certain hardware devices, such as sound cards and video cards, can be attached. Expansion slots currently come with AGP, PCI, or ISA interface.
Any type of slot in a computer into which you can plug an expansion card. Examples include ISA, EISA, PCI, and PCMCIA, but there are other types and there...
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Notable games* Alex Kidd in Miracle World - Integrated into one version of the console
n. A location in a computer where an optional adapter can be installed to add function to the computer.