Definitions for "CARDBUS"
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One of the different types of PCMCIA interfaces. CardBus implements the 32-bit PCI bus standard into the PCMCIA form factor. CardBus
This refers to the 32-bit PCMCIA card slot and cards that can work in this slot. Standard PCMCIA, or PC Card, slots were originally 16-bit slots. This caused problems when 100 Mbit network cards and fast SCSI cards were used and throughput would not go high enough because the 16-bit slots were too slow. See PCMCIA.
32-bit standard for PC Card expansion devices. Combines support for legacy 16-bit Release 2.0 PC Cards and 32-bit PCI bus. Maximum throughput in burst mode transferring double-words (dwords) is 132MB/sec, or 66MB/sec in word mode, and 33MB/sec in byte mode. Requires Windows 98 or later operating system with limited support by Windows 95.
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Cardioid Carrier
Cardioid Carillon