Definitions for "AGP"
Accelerated Graphic Port, connection (wrongly defined as bus) between the video card and the system memory. Different from PCI bus, it is an exclusive channel which can't be shared with other peripherals. It has typical working frequency of 66 MHz, in 1X mode the theoretical transfer rate is 264 Mb/sec, in 2X mode it is 528 Mb/sec.
ccelerated raphics ort. The card interface used by most new video cards today. It allows for faster data throughput and more efficient use of cpu percentage.
A high-speed graphics port that produces fast communication between the graphics controller and computer. It allows the graphic card to directly access the computer's main memory and bypass the PCI bus. Video cards in this port can run almost twice as fast as those in a PCI slot. This also helps to reduce the traffic on the PCI bus.
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Asom Gana Parishad
Asom Gana Parisha
The Agreement on Government Procurement. The WTO agreement establishing rules for government procurement. The AGP is a plurilateral agreement, i.e., not all WTO member countries are signatories.
AHDSFR AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format)
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Apple ATA
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Alexander Global Promotions
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Baud co-location Domain Name
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Adjusted gross proceeds