Definitions for "MCA "
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IBM's proprietary icro hannel rchitecture is the data bus of their PS/2 line of microcomputers. This is the data bus of the computer that controls the flow of data between processors and to and from such peripheral devices as the keyboard, monitor, and printer. The Micro Channel has three main aspects: a 32-bit bandwidth, the I/O processors, and the multimaster control, which acts like a data traffic cop to allow multiprocessors to work simultaneously. Boards that plug into the MCA bus are not interchangeable those of standard PCs.
This is a 32-bit standard developed by IBM for expansion cards. The standard offered improvements over 16-bit ISA, but never caught on outside of IBM computers. The industry chose to go with EISA, which was only found in servers and workstations for the most part, and was eventually replaced by PCI.
Stands for "Micro Channel Architecture." It is an expansion bus created by IBM ...
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Metal Construcciones y Afines
Metales Construcciones y Afines
Movements Control Agency
movement control agency
Management Control Activity
MONTANA CODE ANNOTATED. The official codified, published version of the statutes of Montana that are of a permanent or general nature.
MONTANA CODE ANNOTATED. Theofficial codified, published version of thestatutes of Montana that are of a permanent orgeneral nature.
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Marine Cranking Amps. An industry recognized test to rate the current output of marine batteries at 32o Fahrenheit. This rating is only acceptable in ads if the CCA rating appears in equal prominence.
Marine Cranking Amps. The amount of current (amps) a battery tested at 32 degrees Fahrenheit can deliver for 30 seconds and maintain at least 1.2 volts per cell (7.2 volts on a 12 volt battery)
Multi Criteria Analysis
Millennium Challenge Award: a newly instituted, multi-million dollar program of U.S. development grants, to be awarded to individual countries selected on the basis of development need coupled with sound governing institutions, and administered by the Millennium Challenge Commission.
Millennium Challenge Account. A United States initiative to provide development assistance to eligible countries. First proposed in 2002, and established in FY 2004, it is designed to link contributions for development assistance to greater responsibility from developing nations. The MCA is administered by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). To be eligible to apply for funds, countries are assessed according to a series of criteria and then reviewed by the MCC Board for final eligibility selection. Countries must be those that are determined to "rule justly, invest in their people, and encourage economic freedom."
Multichannel access
See multichannel analyzer.
MCA MCN McNary Dam Adult Fishways 470 MC1 MC2 Dam Columbia Mainstem
Mandelbrot Cellular Automaton Combines features of the Mandelbrot set and Conway's Game of Life. Displays snapshots of the Mandelbrot set at each stage of calculation; optionally includes interference from neighbouring cells for a nonlinear and somewhat unpredictable result. Options are set at compile time.
Medical Care Administrators. A company providing claimsprocessing, utilization review, quality assurance, marketing, sales andcertain computer services. PPA, a network of California clinics,contracts with MCA to handle small-group products and increasingly withlarge employers and companies that are self-insured.
Military Chaplains Association
Mechanical Contractors Association
Manufacturing Chemists Association
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The Mustang Club of America.
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Ministry of Civil Aviation (former USSR).
Mid-Cycle Assessment - a portion of the engineering readiness process, typically conducted while deployed.
Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (Minnesota)
Mitigating circumstances accepted. Used in conjunction with another code which specifies the consequences of this decision.
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Missed Call Alert
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Minerals Council of Australia
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Minimum Crossing Altitude
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Married Couples Allowance