Definitions for "Factor "
One of the elements or quantities which, when multiplied together, form a product.
To resolve (a quantity) into its factors.
Any of the numbers or symbols in mathematics that when multiplied together form a product. For example, 3 is a factor of 12, because 3 can be multiplied by 4 to give 12. Similarly, 5 is a factor of 20, because 5 times 4 is 20.
A firm engaged in the business of financing accounts receivable, an activity known as factoring.
One who transacts business for another; an agent; a substitute; especially, a mercantile agent who buys and sells goods and transacts business for others in commission; a commission merchant or consignee. He may be a home factor or a foreign factor. He may buy and sell in his own name, and he is intrusted with the possession and control of the goods; and in these respects he differs from a broker.
A financial institution that buys a firm's accounts receivable and collects the accounts.
A seven digit decimal number which represents the balance off the principle outstanding in a mortgage pool.
The decimal value, calculated monthly, that represents the proportion of the original principal amount outstanding at a given time.
A decimal value reflecting the proportion of the outstanding principal balance of a mortgage security, which changes over time, in relation to its original principal value. The Bond Buyer publishes the 'Monthly Factor Report,' which contains a list of factors for Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac securities.
Something that causes a change in something else; a factor is also called an “independent variable” or a “cause.
An independent variable under examination in an experiment as a possible cause of variation.
categorical variable, usually refers to a type of treatment whose level s are controlled during an experiment, e.g. types of fertiliser, different drugs for the same illness.
Factor is a dynamically-typed stack-based programming language. Factor runs on various OSes and CPU architectures, and provides an optimizing compiler, interactive development environment, powerful collections, higher order programming, continuations, and a growing library of contributed code.
One of the elements, circumstances, or influences which contribute to produce a result; a constituent; a contributory cause.
An aspect of the investment environment which influences returns on financial assets. (See also Common Factor).
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Rib-like projections on a draw ring or blank holder for controlling metal flow. Also called a spleen or bead.” (Automotive Steel Partnership, 1991, p. 6).
A factor is a rib-like projection on a draw ring or blank holder for controlling metal flow. It is also called a spleen or bead.
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an abstract part of something; "jealousy was a component of his character"; "two constituents of a musical composition are melody and harmony"; "the grammatical elements of a sentence"; "a key factor in her success"; "humor: an effective ingredient of a speech"
an element in the composition of something, a fact that has to be taken into account or something that will affect the course of events
Element of the idema which concerns a certain class of referable events to the correspondent character of the aither, of which namesakes are. Factors are defined so: alpha, beta, gamma, delta and epsilon related to the respective context ( analogic categories) of aesthetics, of ethics, of gnòresis, of cairéa and of dhyanasis.
A professional property manager in Scotland who performs the same function as a management company in England and Wales
In Scotland a Factor (or property manager) is a person or firm charged with superintending or managing properties and estates -- sometimes where the owner or landlord is unable to or uninterested in attending to such details personally, or in tenements in which several owners of individual flats contribute to the factoring of communal areas.
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An experiment is usually designed to investigate the effect that certain factors have on an outcome, such as sex (a two-level factor; male, female), or UK nationality (a four-level factor; english, irish, scottish, welsh).
a Scottish assistant I guess
Liquid Capital York - strategically aligned with a company quoted on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
a financial firm that extends working capital to companies based on history, experience and assets
A firm that advances monies on the strength of a company's sales ledger (invoices) and will also assist in the collection of these debts.  The firm will own the debts and will also take a charge over the company's assets to protect it's position in the unlikely event that the company becomes insolvent.
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A divisor
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a protein in the blood that is needed to form the blood clot.
The enzymes of the coagulation cascade are referred to as clotting factors.
Medicine used to stop bleeding in people with hemophilia. Also known as factor concentrate, or clotting factor, it is infused directly into the bloodstream.
The manager of a trading post, or 'factory'.
A Hudson's Bay Company employee in charge of a large post like Fort Edmonton, and the fur trade district surrounding it. The factor supervised record keeping and trade, disciplined fort personnel and natives trading at the post and was generally held responsible for the success of the trading season. Hudson's Bay Company posts were sometimes called "factories" although this term was seldom used west of Manitoba.
an object that represents values from some specified set of possible levels
The term factor can describe a psychological construct, such as verbal, spatial, or numerical aptitude. It can also represent the covariance of various subtests that tend to cluster together; that is, it represents their intercorrelations or intersections.
That which is responsible for the independent inheritance of a Mendelian difference. F I Generation that arises from a given crossing, filial generation.
FACTOR (the Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Records) is a "private non-profit organization, ... dedicated to providing assistance toward the growth and development of the Canadian independent recording industry" (from their website).
Authorised trader with a more or less extensive mandate to deal on behalf of the principal or for auxiliaries in business.
a done deal that took place over a year ago
a term we commonly use when dealing with the vagaries of Antarctic operations
A general term for a molecule (almost always a protein) or complex of molecules, that carries out a particular function or is involved in a particular reaction. It is used especially when a molecule is identified only by its function and has not yet been chemically characterized. The names of many proteins, such as epidermal growth factor, factor VIII, elongation factor, initiation factor, nerve growth factor, arise historically from this usage.
a component of at least some types of PcG complexes and may participate in the assembly of PcG complexes at PREs
(genetics) a segment of DNA that is involved in producing a polypeptide chain; it can include regions preceding and following the coding DNA as well as introns between the exons; it is considered a unit of heredity; "genes were formerly called factors"
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A steward or bailiff of an estate.
Frequently called Filter Factor. A numerical rating indicating how many times exposure must be increased to compensate for loss of light caused by the density of the filter.
See filter factor
a number that tells how many times exposure must be increased to compensate for loss of light (for example, when using a filter on the lens)
a basic witness to compositeness, but another defn of witness makes them more numerous
an financial option for manufacturers or businesses that need cash flow but have to wit payment from their customers
(see attribute) Qualitative or quantitative characteristic of a criterion
The main elements or characteristics of a range of jobs which can be defined and assessed. Factors may be divided further into sub-factors.
An event, characteristic or other definable entity (eg therapy involving the proposed drug) that results in a change in outcome.
An attendant of a noble or wealthy freeman who is responsible for their financial affairs.
The percent of all juice recoverable from a specific variety of citrus that is considered good useable juice at any particular time or for any particular load of fruit.
a financial institution that guarantees payments for a seller when goods are sold to a buyer
a single discrete classification scheme for data, such that each item classified belongs to exactly one class ( level ) for that classification scheme
a vector object used to specify a discrete classification (grouping) of the components of other vectors of the same length
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a bit missing here, isnt it
One of the factol's high-up advisers or a body who's dedicated his life to the faction. Usually in the highest position of power in a faction, and often considered for the job of factol if the old one steps down or is otherwise removed.
a latent continuum along which we can locate data points according to the varying amount of the construct that they possess
The ratio of ultimate load to greatest allowable working-load. This term is getting out of favor among engineers, as its use has been somewhat abused. There is no such thing as a factor of safety for a well-proportioned bridge, for each member should have an intensity of working-stress proportionate to the character and amount of work which it has to perform.
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a two-planed side-scroller, meaning players go from left to right with the option of going one level deep
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a group of related traits
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feature first form freedom
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a measure of systematic risk
The insulating value of any material. Also known as conductivity.
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See Pool Factor.
a result of modeling environmental effects / problems
a general type or category of treatments
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a source of
Factorial Factorials