Definitions for "Proportion"
The relation or adaptation of one portion to another, or to the whole, as respect magnitude, quantity, or degree; comparative relation; ratio; as, the proportion of the parts of a building, or of the body.
Harmonic relation between parts, or between different things of the same kind; symmetrical arrangement or adjustment; symmetry; as, to be out of proportion.
The portion one receives when a whole is distributed by a rule or principle; equal or proper share; lot.
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an a posteriori measurement
magnitude or extent; "a building of vast proportions"
give pleasant proportions to; "harmonize a building with those surrounding it"
Number of actual occurrences of an event divided by number of occurrences possible for that event. EX: If nine restorations are placed and three fail, the proportion of failing restorations is .333. Proportions can only take values between 0 and 1 (cannot be negative). Abbreviated p (by convention q is the complementary proportion, 1 – p.) [See also probability
The number of units possessing some characteristic, divided by the total number of units with or without that characteristic.
The number of observations with the characteristic of interest divided by the total number of observations. It is used to summarize counts.
a special case of a mean when you have a dichotomous population
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a name we give to a statement Sixth Grade Math - Read each question and choose the best answer
The rule of three, in arithmetic, in which the three given terms, together with the one sought, are proportional.
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The position of ones body, including how one holds a weapon. A stance.
Scale in which something can be enlarged or reduced.