Definitions for "Equation"
A making equal; equal division; equality; equilibrium.
An expression of the condition of equality between two algebraic quantities or sets of quantities, the sign = being placed between them; as, a binomial equation; a quadratic equation; an algebraic equation; a transcendental equation; an exponential equation; a logarithmic equation; a differential equation, etc.
An algebraic expression asserting the equality of two quantities. Example: x + 4 = y -10
A legal equation is an infix sequence of operators and operands, such as . In addition to the usual operators described in § 21.9 and § 21.2 a considerable number of operators and operands peculiar to [B/D] are available, allowing access to [B/D] outputs. These are described in detail in the sections of chapter 21. A pair of round brackets is generally used to delimit an equation. In certain situations the delimiting pair of brackets, is redundant, and may be omitted. However, in doubt you should enclose an equation within round brackets - they cannot harm.
a pair ( name , value ), where value is in general case an arbitrary string
A quantity to be applied in computing the mean place or other element of a celestial body; that is, any one of the several quantities to be added to, or taken from, its position as calculated on the hypothesis of a mean uniform motion, in order to find its true position as resulting from its actual and unequal motion.
a description of a specific type of relationship, and does not have to be true at all times
an identity if it is true for every possible choice of values for its variables
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evaluate | even | extrema
a candidate for salience on this strategy only if its reliability could be explained through this working assumption, i
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a slim electric motor sandwiched between the engine and the five-speed manual transmission
a list of decimal integers, each integer separated by one or more spaces
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a chunk of code to be executed at any time step to compute the value for a type of variable
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Equation field in the performance indicator edit window: If a performance indicator is best described by an equation the user can set up the relevant equation measurements and equation in the equation builder module and then select the equation from this drop down list.
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an example of a declaration
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a simple plan
a description of something using numbers
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see chemical equation
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The act or process of equating or of being equated.