Definitions for "Candidate"
One who offers himself, or is put forward by others, as a suitable person or an aspirant or contestant for an office, privilege, or honor; as, a candidate for the office of governor; a candidate for holy orders; a candidate for scholastic honors.
n.: A person who gets money from the rich and votes from the poor to protect them from each other.
A player who competes in the eliminating contest for the privilege to challenge the World Chess Champion. The Candidates ’ matches are the final eliminating stage of the competition to decide the World Champion’s opponent in the title match.
Generally anyone preparing to become a Catholic, but the term is often used more specifically for a person who is baptized in another Christian tradition, who is preparing for reception into the full communion of the Roman Catholic Church.
A person already baptized in another Christian community who is now preparing to be received into full communion with the Catholic Church.
One who is already baptized in another Christian faith and who now is preparing to be received into the full communion of the Catholic Church. At the time of full reception, he or she will make a profession of faith, be confirmed, and receive Eucharist.
a lot more objective, and some have worked for start-ups before and might have had experience with those that have failed," Holley explained
a native English speaker, has a desire to serve as a cultural ambassador of their home country, has experience living, studying, working or traveling abroad, has a working knowledge of the Spanish language, and has some teaching or tutoring experience
a university graduate with some teaching or tutoring experience, a working knowledge of the host country language, and some experience abroad
Unopposed or half-free pawn.
a Pawn that may be promoted; also, a player in competition to become the challenger for the world championship(s). See tha game Marshall-Capablanca in the handout on Pawn mobility.
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a dues-paying member of CCIM Institute who is taking courses and/or pursuing the CCIM designation
a dues-paying member of the CCIM Institute working towards the CCIM designation
an applicant who has been interviewed
a person who has been selected to be interviewed for an open requisition to which they have submitted an application form
An individual who has been interviewed and is being actively considered for employment.
a faculty member's advisee who has met the qualifications for his/her Ph
a Trainee who has been approved to present for a Joint Faculty examination
An applicant who meets the minimum qualifications requirements for a position, and is therefore eligible for consideration. See also "Eligible."
a very busy individual
An individual whose name is or is expected to be printed on the official ballot. ORS 249.002
the status granted to a program  that has a resident(s) in training, has applied to ASHP for accreditation, and is awaiting the official site survey, and review and evaluation by the Commission on Credentialing.
a student who successfully completed the requirements for advancement to candidacy (defined below)
a student who successfully completes advancement to candidacy requirements (defined below)
a student who has been admitted to a course leading to an award. The student's candidature is subject to the Rules for the course.
a creature who, given the opportunity to attain everything they ever dreamt of, decides the principles they've voiced so honestly to get there, were worth far less than some Dick Morris whispering in their ear
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"Candidate" is a song written by David Bowie in 1973 and intended for his 1984 musical. A radically different version, with completely different lyrics and music, was released on the album Diamond Dogs in 1974 as part of a medley which split the song "Sweet Thing" in two. The only lyric shared in the two different versions is the line: "pretend I'm walking home".
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a sister who is learning about our Sisterhood
Designation given to someone who has applied or has been accepted for officership prior to his/her entering training college.
someone being considered for a job or post
someone who has been selected to be trained as a minister
Potential match returned by a recognizer.
Reference template and template identifier selected by the matcher as a possible match for the template issued from the submitted biometric sample.
a project that is proposed for incubation
a species for which we possess substantial information on biological vulnerability and threats to support preparation of a listing proposal
An indentured servant. Beginning level of inspection association membership. Slave. See Associate Member.
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a value of x at which f " ( x ) is either zero or undefined
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a guest, not a critic
a Democrat his/her success is a Democratic win
an agent of his or her primary campaign committee when making disbursements in connection with his or her campaign
a winner if and only if it has a favoring hierarchy that exhausts the constraint set
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See Competitor.
Species that may become threatened or endangered.
a better fit for the JD program and may offer admission to the Law School separately
A set of Assignment s constituting an element of a Diagnosis. The Find Candidates operation returns a set of Candidate objects.
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Digit that can be placed in an empty cell
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A participant role in a project site. More...
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Potential value for a cell
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See Applicant.