Definitions for "Inspection"
The act or process of inspecting or looking at carefully; a strict or prying examination; close or careful scrutiny; investigation.
The act of overseeing; official examination or superintendence.
In property or liability insurance, the right retained by the company to inspect the insured premises as well as its operations in order to detect inherent structural defects and other hidden hazards.
an in-depth look at the structure and mechanical components of the property including the roof, plumbing, and electrical and heating systems
an opportunity to have an expert look closely at the property
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a good idea even if the Afryca countries northern
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a brief review of a Department activity, in the field or in headquarters, or of an organization that has a contract with the Department or is a recipient of Department financial assistance
a formal review of any system development cycle deliverable
a formal review of a work product by the work product owner and a team of peers looking for errors, omissions, inconsistencies, and areas of confusion in the work product
the systematic investigation or otherwise looking for signs of pest presence, damage, and conditions that favor their survival.
a visit to a workplace to assess compliance with the regulations or to observe work procedures and conditions at the site
A visit to a video retailer or other commercial facility to determine if illegal video product is present on the premises that has not been subject to a previous investigative activity. Does not include compliance checks.
Visual inspection of a site facility domain
A professional assessment as to the cubic measurement - removal van space requirements, or time to conduct the removal uplift and delivery of your household goods and cost of the move determined by the physical visual inspection of your household contents by a representative of the removal company.
a physical/visual check that does not require the use of sophisticated testing equipment
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The independent checking on facts about an insurance applicant.
The process of physical verification of quality. The finished part is checked against the blueprint to insure it meets engineering requirements. Inspection can take place on the shop floor but often it is performed in an environmentally controlled closed room.
a check or test against a certain set of standards or regulations to ascertain whether a security program or facility meets those standards or regulations
Inspection is an action to determine the worth or condition of the vehicle.
a must have for any vehicle sale or purchase
a reliable way of validating a seller's claims about a vehicle's condition
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An on-site visit to verify that the performance of an operation is in accordance with specific standards of a certification programme. The inspector is the person appointed to undertake the inspection.
When a person comes to verify damages of property based on a claim.
shall be defined as, for the purposes of this User Agreement as, verifying the manufacturer, model and caliber/gauge of the firearm(s) as compared to what was listed by the Seller in their Haggle Classifieds(tm).
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An area to permit NASCAR to inspect a racecar to ensure that the racecar meets NASCAR mandated rules.
the process to ensure that a product is produced to meet or exceed design intent. Inspection can be carried in different ways, including manual, CMM-based, or non-contact.
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An external audit undertaken by a local authority registration and inspection unit or the SSI into the provision of one or more services. The right of central government to inspect services for which it provides funds was established in the nineteenth century. Local authorities were given responsibilities for inspecting private residential care homes by the Registered Homes Act 1984.
a set of monitoring procedures that a CPA firm performs with respect to its accounting and auditing practice
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an impersonal matter, and he will reprimand you
a learning experience about the function and maintenance of the various components of a home and is your best defense against unexpected and unwelcome surprises after you've moved into your new home
a maintenance task
a ceremony instituted to show the condition of the command with regard to numbers, equipment, and general fitness for service
Lifting equipment, cranes, boilers and air compressors need to be inspected annually by a professional engineer approved by the factory inspectorate in most countries, and an inspection certificate must be obtained.
The act whereby the lessor goes to the lessee site to see if the leased equipment is in good working order.
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a must and will certainly satisfy the most disconcerning buyer
a reliable way of validating a seller's claims about an item's condition
Applications that use bar codes or other forms of AIDC to identify and validate items. It is primarily used for the receiving or shipping functions of inventory control.
sniffing the genital region - very common, especially of infants
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a must on this BRAND NEW double storey town house
a must for this property
a must Send an Email To request more information from the advertiser of this property, complete this form
an easy way to avoid lawsuits when selling property and is required in most cases
a five-step, formalized process
Formal survey of a home's structure and systems, often performed by a licensed professional.
Inspection is the process of manually reading program documentation and code with a view to detecting errors. Inspection processes in industry are done with varying degrees of formality and sometimes the word `inspection' is reserved for the more ceremony-heavy instances of this practice.
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A tour of outdoor media structures for pre-buy selection, or post-buy proof of performance.
using the senses to assist in making judgements, comparisons and decisions.
using scan data to compare a physical part to a theoretical model.
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a totally different ball of wax
a must of this excellent family home
an integral part of the decision to purchase a new home
The process of having a qualified home inspector identify potential repairs to the property you are interested in and their estimated cost.
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a must, as the sellers want a result on Auction Day
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a must for you to explore the possibilities
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Any activity performed to find a failure or break-down.
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a get tool to learn about the features of your new property
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a legal issue
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a must and places you under no obligation
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The process of running an inspector.
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The act of performing a real estate inspection.