Definitions for "Non-Conformance"
The failure of a unit of product to conform to specified requirements for any quality characteristic. [D01084] USDoD QMPP deficiency in characteristic documentation or procedure that renders the quality of material/service unacceptable or indeterminate. [D01083] PMK87
An observed situation where objective evidence indicates the non-fulfillment of a specified requirement of the ISM Code or the Company's SMS. This deviation or the identified lack of a plan or instruction for a key shipboard operation. Could endanger the safety of people, the ship its cargo and the environment. Non-Conformity – Major An identifiable deviation which poses a serious threat to personnel or ship safety or a serious risk to the environment and requires immediate corrective action; in addition, the lack of an effective and systematic implementation of a number of requirements of the ISM Code is also considered as a major non-conformity.
The internal process at Parliamentary Press for investigating and remedying quality failures which are trapped internally and do not reach the client.
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a part that does not meet specification